The Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization represents owners and managers of residential rental buildings and suppliers to the rental housing industry.

EOLO members own and manage over 36,000 rental units in the Ottawa area. EOLO is the voice of the local landlord industry and, as you can see from the list of our Board of Directors, our members are the largest and most influential landlords in the City of Ottawa.

Prior to 1998, tight rent control discourages in vesting in renovations and upgrades to rental buildings. Since the inception of the Tenant Protection Act in June 1998 and the continuation of vacancy decontrol in the Residential Tenancies Act, owners have chosen to invest money in their buildings and the suites as the legislation in place allowed for them to see a return on their investment.

We believe that having a strong voice in order to speak out on issue s such as changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, the City of Ottawa’s request to the Province for increased taxing and other regulatory powers, properly targeted government investment in housing assistance, and the ongoing fight to reduce the unfair municipal property tax burden places on all multi-residential properties will help us to more effectively lobby for positive outcomes for all of these issues.

Changes in any of those areas could have a significant negative impact on our industry. If that were to happen, it would in turn drastically reduce the amount of work that we would be able to carry out on our properties, thereby reducing work for industry suppliers. As you can see, there really is a need for you to become involved with EOLO because the issues we are fighting for affect us all.

Since 2005 EOLO has hosted our semi-annual Networking Events. The decision makers and owners of many of the largest and most influential property management companies and rental portfolios in Ottawa are in attendance at this event. Our associate members are invited to attend our networking events. These events are your opportunity to meet and talk with key property managers and owners.

EOLO wants to see our numbers grow to include many reputable companies such as yours. If top-quality, reputable companies work together to keep improving the property management industry, all of us will reap the rewards, and hopefully continue our strong successful relationships for many years to come.

If you have any further questions about EOLO, please feel free to contact us. Please feel free to contact our Vice-President, David Lyman at (613) 235-9792 with any questions you may have about EOLO.

To apply for the EOLO Membership, fill out the appropriate application below and send to

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